Better Burnet

A selfie we took in front of the sign from when the stone slide in the park was built

1. Goals — Approach to the problem

We got acquainted with the problem through our visit to Burnet woods and from our interviews. We also used the MEELS in order to find the problem within Burnet. The first word of MEELS is memorability, and we concluded that Burnet Woods is not a memorable place. In fact, its most memorable thing would have to be the park’s unsafe reputation, which causes people not to visit the park. We talked about how the park is not efficient, because there’s a lack of direction of where to park, also signage and things to do within the park. The park could have its trails better marked for people to use and have a clear entrance into the park. As it is there are many roads leading into the park but nothing telling you where you’ll end up. When talking about errors regarding Burnet we discussed the lack of signage around the park, more street lights and perhaps cameras for safety. Visible trail heads of where the trails end and start and how long the trails are. Definitely a lack of presence in the Clifton and Cincinnati community. Lastly, for satisfaction we brought up the parks need for more activities and overall more community engagement so that people could enjoy and realize the benefits of Burnet Woods.

Online Research

2. Method — User research

Throughout this process our team utilized a variety of methods in order to gain insight about Burnet Woods, including a survey, interviews, in-person observations, and empathetic designs.

Survey Results
Notes from when we visited the park as a group

3. Insights — Analyze the data

After collecting information about how and why people do, or do not use Burnet Woods through in person interviews and online forms, we created personas. The personas were based off of trends we saw in our research, and the types of people who consistently appeared the most. We first created an affinity diagram to group the users of burnet woods, and figure out why the majority of people do or don’t go there. For each persona we created scenarios based on their feelings about Burnet Woods, so we could brainstorm how to solve each of their frustrations.

Affinity Diagram

4. Recommendations — Report your results

Our final sketches



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