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Phase 1 — Define

  • There is actually a test to see if you have cell phone addiction. It was created by a PhD from the University of Connecticut. I took the test and scored a 76. According to my score I have, “Moderate nomophobia. You’re pretty attached to your device. You often check for updates while you’re walking down the street or talking to a friend, and you often feel anxious when you’re disconnected.” Afterwards, the results suggested a “Digital Detox” where you would ditch your devices, and do certain daily tasks instead. This is a challenge put on by WNYC’s publication of New Tech City.
  • Social media apps are designed to hook you. According to the article, “Instagram has created code that deliberately holds back on showing users new ‘likes’ so that it can deliver a bunch of them in a sudden rush at the most effective moment possible — meaning the moment at which seeing new likes will discourage you from closing the app.”
  • Smartphones and slot machines have scary similarities. They both give you something called intermittent rewards, that irresistible feeling of unpredictability.
  • Smartphones are altering our brains and they can actually decrease concentration levels overtime.
  • The constant checking of the phone 24 hrs a day has been linked to anxiety, sleep disturbance, stress, poor academic performance, and decreased physical activity
  • 46% of people said that their they couldn’t live without their smartphone
  • 35% of adults owned a smartphone in 2011 compared to 64% in 2014
  • 86% of undergraduate students owned a smartphone in 2014 (an increased from 76% in 2013)
  • studies so far have shown that compulsive use of smartphones may lead to psychological disorders.

Phase 2—Research

Phase 3 & 4 — Design/Evaluate

Phase 5 — Reflect





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